"Transmissions" (Triple SP)

If you check out their website (www.triplesp.net/), the “about us” section has one statement that stands out among everything else:
“The concept was hatched about forming a project that focuses on writing music we could personally identify with.”
Triple SP writes music that everyone can personally identify with, from gut-punching lyrics to energetic guitar riffs to catchy bass lines and steady drumbeats. Their songs cover the spectrum of human struggle, and “Transmissions” is an adrenaline punch to the mind and soul. While I had intentions of writing a much longer review for this album, I don’t believe there is much else that need be said about the power and soul of this album. It gets added to a list I’ve started for 2011 centered around albums that leave me with a feeling of “radical self-empowerment,” and having missed their shows one too many times, I am bound and determined to make the next one come hell or high water.
If you’re in the DFW area, keep an eye out for these guys and go catch them if you can. And if you’re not…well, go buy the album and sit tight for a bit. I imagine you won’t have to wait long for these guys to hit a city near you!
Next up: She Wants Revenge, “Valleyheart”

"All I Lost Was You" (Who is this Michael Barnes guy, lady?)

Let me preface this by saying that I am both a lyricist and vocalist. I have been writing since I was a child, and I was trained by the best choral directors in this state, if not this nation. I am well-versed in sight-reading; I can find my way around a keyboard or piano, my vocal range and tone can bring a room to its knees and make grown men cry…but my writing has been, to say the least, difficult to incorporate. Though published, and despite my modesty, fawned over by those I feel close enough to share it with, mixing the two has been the ultimate challenge. In the midst of a very rough time in my life emotionally, I’ve been gradually slipping into some harmony with my voice and its sound with my lyrics, some semblance of potential…and then there was an album called “All I Lost Was You.”
The album is a result of one man’s devotion, one soul’s foray into true creation. Michael Barnes…the end-all to the album. Written, played, produced by ONE person.
Even without that aspect, it’s sure to have something every person can relate to. I’ve laughed, danced, sung along, and even cried. I hear this is a year of “radical self-empowerment.” There is no better album to fit such a year, personal affairs aside. “All I Lost Was You” tells a story about finding self-respect, heartbreak, revenge, and despair. It is VERY personal…and I really don’t know how else to explain the raw and true nature of it.
I could continue this, go track by track, but this is definitely a more personal journey than I’d rather chatter about here. Michael Barnes is the real deal…go fall in love with him before everyone else does.
Mr. Barnes:
This is a very personal thank you from someone who needed to wake the hell up and start pursuing her own dreams instead of telling herself it wasn’t worth the pain.
The rest of you? Go. Listen. Now. I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised and in awe. I’ve got about three years worth of editing to get to. And for the love of God, buy the album if you like it.
Next up? Triple SP’s 2011 release: “Transmissions”

Intro: Who’s this lady? Why is she always talking about music?

Hi there, reader.
My name is Kortney Marie. I reside in the Dallas area, and I work full time at a call center to pay my bills. I’m a night owl, and I dig on sunrises right before I sleep. I am a published poet and lyricist and an accomplished vocalist. When I’m not working, I spend my time making jewelry, writing, singing, cuddling with my cats, and listening to music.
As a musician, I find myself dabbling in a variety of genres, both for my own work and as sources of inspiration. While I would not call myself the ultimate authority on music, I will say with confidence that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to the topic, and that knowledge has come with a lot of discovery and research on my part that others only obsess over in work or school. The discovery is my favorite part these days; nothing beats the rush I feel when I happen on something new and exciting.
With that kept in mind, I figure I should channel this passion into something productive, maybe even to help the bands I adore or work with expand their fan bases. As I’ve been growing as a musician and writing more reviews, I figured I needed a place to share them. They’re mostly just thoughts on what’s pouring out of my speakers at the time, but those thoughts, I’ve found, can give perspective or just send someone off to listen to something. Music is the ultimate language of the universe because it can transcend any and all communication barriers…and that, my friend, is why I feel compelled to tell you about it.
I can’t promise that my posts will be frequent or brilliant…but they’ll be here for you to happen on whenever you like, and I hope they’re helpful or at least intriguing. =D

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