"Transmissions" (Triple SP)

If you check out their website (www.triplesp.net/), the “about us” section has one statement that stands out among everything else:
“The concept was hatched about forming a project that focuses on writing music we could personally identify with.”
Triple SP writes music that everyone can personally identify with, from gut-punching lyrics to energetic guitar riffs to catchy bass lines and steady drumbeats. Their songs cover the spectrum of human struggle, and “Transmissions” is an adrenaline punch to the mind and soul. While I had intentions of writing a much longer review for this album, I don’t believe there is much else that need be said about the power and soul of this album. It gets added to a list I’ve started for 2011 centered around albums that leave me with a feeling of “radical self-empowerment,” and having missed their shows one too many times, I am bound and determined to make the next one come hell or high water.
If you’re in the DFW area, keep an eye out for these guys and go catch them if you can. And if you’re not…well, go buy the album and sit tight for a bit. I imagine you won’t have to wait long for these guys to hit a city near you!
Next up: She Wants Revenge, “Valleyheart”

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