She Wants Revenge. 11/06/2011, Dallas, TX

I don’t want to be a broken record, but let’s make sure this is clear: This is one of my favorite acts in the world and a strong creative influence.
Before I go on with my thoughts on She Wants Revenge tonight, I’d like to mention the two other acts I saw. I’d never heard of Hussle Club prior to this evening, but they were a catchy and perfect note to start the night off. The night ended with Peter Murphy, and I have no words to describe how incredible he was. All in all, I lucked out with this show. It’s safe to say anyone there would have said the same as this tour has been a big topic of conversation between myself and friends across the nation. This tour will continue until mid-December. If you can go see them, please do. Support excellent music and revel in the bliss of hearing it live. =)
As I step into the venue, I can’t help but start dancing in an excited and ridiculous manner: The Prophet Bar (Dallas, TX) was the perfect place for an intimate show, a bit different from seeing SWR at the House of Blues (Dallas) three years ago. The Hussle Club has left me in the perfect mood, and now I’m grinning from ear to ear, bouncing in the crowd like a child getting to meet Santa. In a few short moments, She Wants Revenge will hit the stage, and I’m running down a list of desires and hopes for what the set list could entail. What would they play from “Valleyheart?” What surprises had they chosen from their previous albums?
The set begins with “Written in Blood,” a track from their second album, This is Forever. I couldn’t have been more thrilled, and it was a perfect start for this set. After, they delve right into their newest release, Valleyheart, essentially pulling out a sample of the album’s emotional spectrum: desire, despair, love, lust, hope, loss…and that undeniable urge to dance (at least a little bit). “Up in Flames,” a catchy little song with taunting lyrics and gritty and danceable guitar and bass lines, which was followed by, “Reasons,” and all I can say about “Reasons” is that it’s my favorite song, lyrically speaking, from the new album. I find myself humming it constantly, and it was incredible to hear it live. “Little Stars” came rushing in, a brief glimpse at the aftermath of the “cursing, crying, and drawn out fights” mentioned in another of their songs called “Broken Promises for Broken Hearts” (which I’m surprised did not make it onto this set list). “Sleep,” a release from the EP A Hundred Kisses, gave me chills just like it did when I saw them three years ago, and it was a welcome treat. Speaking of chills…the version of “These Things” that followed was so beautiful I nearly cried. The tempo was slowed significantly, and the song had a much more stripped approach. Justin Warfield’s voice rang beautiful melancholy notes through the venue as many in the crowd stared…some of us sang along. The song on it’s own was already one of the most vulnerable, and I wish I could have recorded this one particular song from the set to listen to later. “Red Flags and Long Nights,” a crowd favorite, followed, and then we were graced with what Adam (aka DJAdam12) called “a favorite” from This is Forever: “Rachael.” And it showed. Anecdotes aside, these guys were really enjoying themselves, and this song captured it very well. “All Those Moments” was a beautiful interlude, and Adam’s interludes are always strangely appropriate whether on your headphones or live. It was beautiful. The show could have ended right then and there, and I would have been utterly satisfied and thrilled…but it kept going. Asking us all to dance our asses off, SWR busted into three crowd-pleasers meant to get the hips and feet going: “Take the World,” “Out of Control,” and the infamous “Tear You Apart.” Valleyheart, This is Forever, and She Wants Revenge, respectively, a whirl through the most danceable and/or requested singles…and yes, it ended in some danced-out, sweaty bodies, myself included. I was glad I’d worn denim for the occasion rather than the little black dress that seemed so appropriate. =)
I had a blast…and this was a refreshing boost for my creativity.
Love SWR? Support them by going to shows and buying their music!
Next up…I have no flippin’ idea! Suggestions?

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