"Megalithic Symphony," AWOLNATION (2011)

“Dance, baby, dance like the world is ending.”
(“Knights of Shame”)
Self explanatory, that quote is. If I were going to sum it up in one quote…well, I quite honestly couldn’t. The lyrical content of this album alone is enough to discuss for hours, catchy, unique, and even laughable at times. Add to that dance-worthy beats and bass lines, soulful guitar riffs, and catchy melodies and you have yourself a great piece of modern musicianship. There are some albums that, from top to bottom, take your bad mood and give it a good, hard kick in the face. Megalithic Symphony is one such album. Empowering, energetic, and unapologetic, this is one to keep on deck for those house parties that get a bit dull after midnight. (Turn it all the way up to eleven for bonus power and offense to your neighbors…perhaps they’ll even join your dance party. =D) It’s also one to listen to right out of bed if you want to shake the funk off your day before it even starts. It’s even a bit political without shoving it down the throats of the masses. Kudos, AWOL, this is a highlight discovery of my 2011.
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“if you need love, turn around, do the helicopter
if you’re sick, baby girl, i would love to be your doctor”
(“Burn It Down,” AWOLNATION)

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