Oh, herros! (Wolfgang, Beardyman, and upcoming topics)

So it’s been quite a while, hasn’t it?
What have I been up to for the last three months? General life changes and challenges, a new apartment being one of them. I’ll not dwell on about the rest because it’s in the past now, and we have music to talk about here. ^_^
On February 19th, I had the pleasure of going to see Wolfgang Gartner at the House of Blues in Dallas. Unlike the She Wants Revenge show I saw in November, there really wasn’t much time to decipher and write down the entire set, let alone the proper order. I decided that really didn’t matter anyway. He’s my favorite house producer/DJ, and I had good company along for the ride. It was an incredible show, and despite dealing with pneumonia, I managed to dance for the entire set, which lasted nearly two hours. From “Circus Freaks” and “Devil’s Den” (a collaboration with Skrillex) to “Undertaker” and “Space Junk,” it was a nice little tour through the man’s style and abilities.
Now then…a little taste of what’s upcoming:
03/20 – Feed Me, HOB, Dallas
03/25 – Faderhead, The Church, Dallas
04/17 – JUSTICE, Fox Theater, Oakland
(This means reviews of the shows in a much more timely manner, I promise.)
This guy, Beardyman…he’s amazing.
“Oh” is a track featuring Foreign Beggars…and honestly, if it doesn’t make you want to dance, you may need to check your pulse. (Hey, if you’re a zombie, remember “ain’t nobody perfect.”)
“some people think i’m bonkers
but i just think i’m free”
(-“bonkers,” dizzee rascal)

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