FEED ME! (03/20/2012, House of Blues Dallas)

Whatchoo know ’bout electro house and dubstep, bro? …Obviously not as much as Jon Gooch, better known as Spor or Feed Me.
The build-up to our main event was made simpler with a nice, energetic set from Brazil’s duo, Felguk. While they’re certainly a crowd-pleaser, no one was prepared for the sheer massive SIZE of Feed Me’s stage set…never mind the crowd in front of me, shoulder to shoulder, all trying to find footing to dance then deciding to jump instead. Feed Me’s set took us all on an adventure as the sound meshed up with a light show run through those GARGANTUINE teeth. Mind you, this was possibly the most astonishing and pleasing use of Dallas’s House of Blues stage I’ve seen in a very long time. There’s so much space that goes unused during shows like this, but Feed Me knew precisely how to use it to his advantage. Add that to seamless transitions, crowd interaction, and humorous anecdotes, and it was quite the show! The bass hit hard, the beats were sick…and the crowd emerged from the Fountain Room a sweaty and hot mess.
Don’t forget to support your favorites by going to their shows and buying their music!
Next up: Faderhead! 03/25, The Church Dallas

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