Justice @ the Fox Theater – Oakland, CA (Also…Stuffnthings!)

Hi everyone!
Before we go into details about California, some new stuff.
Wanna keep up with the more spontaneous parts of my brain?  I have a Tumblr now!  (My Little Randomosity Blog
In an odd turn of events, my hair is now purple.  ^_^
Now then, about the music and the trip…
Justice was, hands down, the best live performance and stage show I have ever seen.  Period.  No contest.  Not even close.  I put months into planning that out, and it was as magical as I anticipated.  Of course, I had spectacular company to enjoy it with. My friends are amazing.  ❤  As for the set itself…I don’t think it’s even possible for me to recall it in any correct order.  If you’ve heard A Cross the Universe, that’s a pretty good base for it.  Lots of their most recent release Audio Video Disco thrown in there, including my favorite, “On n’ On,” as part of the encore.  I swear to you there was not a happier girl in the universe than I that night.  (The Fox Theater is simply stunning…like you have no idea.)
This was my first trip to California, and there were a few things that went wrong, but ultimately, it was truly amazing.  After five days in the Bay Area, I’ve decided to move there.  Someone really wise once told me that when you step into a place you’re meant to be, you just know you’re at home.  (=
All that being said, I’ve realized I’ve strayed from what I intended this goofy thing to be.  More real reviews, more often.  Yayfaces?  I sure hope so.
“I just want you to know
I may not show all the right feelings or say the right words
But you’re my little black diamond
And always shining in my heart and that’s way beyond words”
-“If It Wasn’t For You,” Handsome Boy Modeling School

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