Artist Spotlight: Florence + the Machine

I could sum this up in two words:  simply amazing.
…But that doesn’t make for a very good blog entry, does it?
I read an article that basically said, “If you like Lady Gaga, you will love Florence and the Machine.”  I made a mental note to check them out, but it didn’t actually happen until a day spent cleaning house.  Like many others, the first song I heard from Flo was “Dog Days are Over.”  It popped up on a Pandora station I was listening to, and about ten seconds into it, I stopped cleaning, plopped down on my couch and just listened.  The. Girl. Has. Pipes.  And she’s not afraid to use them.  The whole of Lungs, released in 2009, is astonishing, taking us through a spectrum of human emotion, instruments, melodies, and deeply emotional lyrics.  The band followed this album with Ceremonials in 2011, and it is just as emotional, intricate, and soothing.  
While I hear all the musicality and talent that went into creating the whole of a song, I, like many others, have always been taken aback by the power of Florence Welch’s voice.  She has a fantastic range, and her vocal tonality and timber are phenomenal.  I’ve yet to see her live, but when I watched her on SNL a while back, it was refreshing.  She’s a joy to watch, a born performer with the ability to captivate an audience without the distraction of light shows, projection screens, or any of the other modern trappings of a concert.  And as much as I love my EDM, it’s really nice to see that there’s still more to new music than that.  It’s nice to be moved by something beautiful and unique.
Want to be moved too?  Go buy Lungs and Ceremonials.  And the new Spectrum EP.  And you’ll be supporting deserving musicians too!  They’re touring the US until October 10, and then they head on over to Europe.  Try to catch ’em if you can!
“It’s hard to dance with the devil on your back
So shake him off”

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