Voodoo Fest 2012!!!

Friday…Oh, Friday.  (Gary Clark Jr, the Avett Brothers, Neil Young)
I’m not big on the sun, nor are my lovely friends who were kind enough to clean out their guest room for me. So we avoided it.  lol  Besides, it was vacation for all three of us; no need to rush.  We made it in time to set up camp in the grass after wandering shops and art exhibits a bit.  Gary Clark Jr was incredible.  So much soul, so much emotion…Definitely an unexpected highlight of the whole event.  He was followed by the Avett Brothers, who may have made me cry because they sound even more beautiful live than on an album, but their crowd interactions were hilarious, and their smiles are contagious.  Enter Neil Young.  And OH MY GOD.  That’s really all I can say.  Being the technogeek I am, I’d thought I might wander over to catch a chunk of Kaskade’s set, but this was be-a-hippie-laying-in-the-grass time…and NEIL YOUNG!  Good times were had by all…and I slept like a baby.  Kinda expected though, right?
Enter the best Saturday in my short existence.  (The Revivalists, AWOLNation, Silversun Pickups, Metallica, Justice)
Once again, wander, giggle, lemonade, cozy and happy place in the grass.  I’d never heard the Revivalists before, but they were surprisingly awesome.  Check them out.  For real.  AWOLNation was superb.  Aaron Bruno is a bad mammajamma and his ability to lift spirits with song knows no bounds.  I hate to say it, but the Silversun Pickups may have been my favorite part of the entire weekend.  I lost my phone during their set and didn’t even care.  They put on an excellent show, a set that spanned their growth as musicians…and Sarah Negahdari killed it on bass in Nikki Monninger’s absence.  (Brian Aubert informed us all that she’s at home VERY pregnant.   With twins!  Uh-dorable!)  Then there’s Metallica…and in the words of one of the friends there with me:  “They’ve got to be the happiest metal band in the world.”  James Hetfield was all smiles, and it was apparent that the guys were thrilled to be there, considering it was on such short notice.  (Green Day was the original headliner, but Billie Joe’s time in rehab led to them canceling a couple weeks before the festival.  So when that goes down…Here comes Metallica to save Voodoo!)  We ventured away from the set for a bit to catch Justice.  Much to my dismay, they’re not as good this time around as they were in Oakland this past April.  Still, Justice twice in the same year, plus Metallica, AWOL, and Silversun in the same day?  Yeah, I’d call that a win.
Sunday Funday!  (Coheed & Cambria, Borgore, Skrillex, and Jack White)
Needless to say, we were pretty worn out after Saturday.  We staggered in while Coheed & Cambria played on one stage, Borgore on another.  Decisions, decisions…Wait, no, this is America.  So I got a little bit of both.  (:  Admittedly, I caught more of Borgore than Coheed…but after my Justice let down, it was a relief.  Some of my friends will shun me for this next statement…Skrillex TORE IT UP.  By far the best set I’ve ever seen electro-dub-wise.  Feed Me is a close rival now that I think about it…but I didn’t lose my mind quite so much as I did during Skrillex.  Got one of my favorite girls to spin poi for the first time ever, did a crap ton of spinning and dancing myself, screamed the lyrics to Fresh Prince (surprise remix time!), and yeah…it was really amazing.  I heard everything I wanted to from him and made some sparkly, bass-ridden memories I’ll never forget.  Speaking of never forget…JACK WHITE!  I’m sad that the Skrillex set overlapped his so much, but that’s how we ended the weekend.  He played a bit from each project he’s had a hand in, including some White Stripes stuff, which was a lovely treat.  Who am I kidding, Jack White in and of himself is a lovely treat to hear, watch, and breathe, especially at the end of such an incredible weekend.
Major music festival cherry officially popped!  (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)  Voodoo was simply magical, and I’m thrilled it actually happened for me this year.  Big thanks to my gracious hosts.  It was a crazy week leading up to Voodoo, but we got through it together, and I love you both.  You know who you are.  ❤
Wanna show your love for the music?
Get out there.  Go to shows.  Be brave, go to a festival and get lost in it.  Buy their music.  Let them know you want more.

“Fell in love with a girl
Fell in love once and almost completely
She’s in love with the world
But sometimes these feelings
Can be so misleading
She turns and says are you alright?
I said I must be fine cause my heart’s still beating
Come and kiss me by the riverside,
Bobby says it’s fine he don’t consider it cheating”

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