The FOX/Glee vs Jonathan Coulton Fiasco: Just how hard IS it to give some acknowledgement?

It’s been a while, and though I’m not lacking new tuneage to discuss, I have been quite busy with work, research, and a new man in my life.  (:  I’ve been a busy, busy, happy bee as of late.

Now then…
Why is it difficult to acknowledge someone else’s hard work?
Not compensate or over-advertise but simply CREDIT them for a job well done.
If you’ve been following Glee, Jonathan Coulton, or both, you know where I’m going with this.  For those who don’t, let’s address a couple basics:
-Jonathan Coulton is a geek-tastic singer/songwriter who’s given us tunes like “Code Monkey,” “Re: Your Brains,” “Still Alive,” and “Want You Gone.”  The latter two you may recognize from the soundtracks of Portal and Portal 2.  He’s also done a fantastic arrangement of “Baby Got Back,” which is the track in question here.
-Glee is a television series featured on FOX that centers around a high school glee club and its nemeses, successes, and failures.  Lea Michele, Jane Lynch, Darren Criss, Jayma Mays, Cory Monteith, Naya Rivera, and Amber Riley are among the more notable of the cast, and it was created by Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan, and Brad Falchuk.  It mixes the coming-of-age tales of mixed up teenagers with comedy, struggles such as bullying and LGBT tolerance, and a story line that celebrates underdogs in all their under-estimated glory.  It may go without saying, but this is the ultimate in TV-meets-musical and unique for that reason. 
Portal and Portal 2 are among my favorite video games so Coulton has a very special place in my heart, and I was a show choir kid so Glee is understandably close to my heart.  I’ve heard tales of Ryan Murphy pushing the envelope a bit, specifically flustering Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stoneage, etc) when he requested to use some of his music for Glee, and  Grohl denied the request for his own varying reasons.  This, at least, has been respected so far as I can tell.  What has happened with Coulton’s arrangement of “Baby Got Back” has driven me away from Glee as a whole, and I’m almost inclined to boycott American Horror Story as well.
So what happened to upset me so much?
Simple, the crew of Glee used Coulton’s version of the hit single by Sir Mix-A-Lot without crediting or compensating Coulton for what is rightfully his.  This is wrong on a myriad of levels, and it turns out that he’s not the only artist claiming that FOX and Glee have used their arrangements without permission.  For a show that roots for the underdog so frequently, there’s a gross misuse of power happening here.  I understand that covers and music left without copyright can be snatched up and used at will according to some legal stances, but seriously?  You’re raking in cash from merchandise, appearances, and good ratings, but you can’t do something as simple as run a credit to the little guy in the closing credits, on one of your official blogs/websites, or in one of your behind-the-scenes videos?  That’s sickening.
And sickening is really the only word I have for it.

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