What You Missed: A Star (2009)

A photograph
A smile so bright it hurt my eyes
A moment so close to perfection
A half second that I shed my disguise
And you asked me who I wanted to be
All I said was that I wanted to be free

A video
A laugh so pure it was a melody
A blip of real life in real time
A second of comedy in a tragedy
And you ask again who I want to be
And all I said was that I wanted to be free

A song
A voice so clearly pitched it seemed like a dream
A moment that my eyes closed so that I could see
A line that meant more than it might seem
And you want to know who I want to be
All I know is that I wanted to be free
And I will be a star
…The dream really isn’t so far

These are the things that you missed
While I was busy growing up
While you were busy playing house
While the world was turning
Mornings turning into evenings
Days turning into weeks
Weeks into months
Months into years
I faced most of my fears
Found my drive, learned what it takes
To pick yourself up, learn from your mistakes
And now, so lucky, so proud, so free
I just hope that you’ll still know me
Because some days, I can barely recognize myself
So maybe I should take that volume off the shelf
Read it again to remember how I got here
How I got through, how the path became so clear
Laid out before me, and all I have to do is walk
Stay on the line, stop being sidetracked with talk
From people who’ll never be as big as they say
People who I will out-run and outshine someday

-Kortney Marie


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