Heaven is a Dance Floor (2009)

When all else fails, and my world starts to crumble
When I’m lost and I can’t help but stumble
Someone grabs my hand
Tells me to dance
And in the thick of it all
I’m standing tall
Screaming that heaven is a dance floor
And hell is just beyond that door
So while we have the moment
Let’s act as though we own it
Dance like tomorrow will never come
Dance like the world’s come undone

-Kortney Marie


I Wonder… (2013)

I struggle with words, what you deserve to know
I had barely moved on, begrudgingly let go
And it’s not that I didn’t want to know
It’s more that I don’t know what to say
And I hate how much it shows
We let our desires get in the way

And I wonder if you would like to know
That I’ve found love in the most unlikely place
That I finally let someone in
That my joy is etched all over my face
Despite your gift of the saddest news
I can’t help how much I want to tell you
So you can know it wasn’t all in vain

Oh, and I hate you all the same
For letting me get away
But I’m better off without you
Oh, it’s so cliche, and it’s so true
Goodbye, goodbye
Is all we ever got right
Goodbye, good night
Dreams that we stole
Goodbye, goodbye
Lust that we sold

And I wonder if you would like to know
But I keep my good news to myself
As I place our volume back on its shelf

-Kortney Marie


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Kortney Marie

The Chaos Grenade: Hey Look! I’m published this month!


This Time, It’s Different (2013)

The Liar
The Cheater
The Manipulator
The Narcissist
The Inconsiderate Prick
The Abusive Misogynist
I’ve had them all.

Each left me wanton, craving something genuine or at least reciprocal.  With each heartbreak, that special someone became more a mystical being found only in dreams.  (It’s no wonder I’ve spent so much time asleep.)  I set up camp in the ethereal recesses of my mind, wishing and hoping for a dream to manifest and damn itself into reality.  I learned what it means to be lonely, what it means to be independent, what it means to be free.  I’m well versed in the use of substance as a cure-all, and I’m acutely aware that no substance will quell the empty ache associated with the want for love, the desire to give yourself over to another as an act of trust and respect.  

I waited.  I dreamed.  I hoped.  I persevered.

Eventually, I would find a love beyond my wildest dreams.

Now, my nervousness is merely a knee-jerk reaction brought on by a sordid past, and each day, it’s a habit I find a little easier to break.  I don’t second-guess his intentions or my own.  I don’t have to compete with a myriad of outer distractions for the affection I’ve craved for so long, and I am not chastised for displaying and returning the same affection in the manners that I choose to.  Giddy school-girl excitement replaces the loathing and frustration I felt in my existence.  I’m no longer hollow, not teetering on the edge of a nervous breakdown.  It’s an understanding that could remain unspoken as it’s written in our eyes and as simple as a finger tracing over a palm.  It’s soft kisses on my shoulder, a laugh shared by sunrise, dreams big enough to challenge and change fate.  It’s love made in ways I never thought possible, butterflies I can finally force into formation, time to miss each other, and the knowledge that we have so very much to live together.

This time, it’s love as it was meant to be.

The Cave Beyond the Shore (2013)

The cave was lit by a large fire
And I knew I’d been led by desire
Leaving my ocean and escaping my beach
Hunting a dream once so far out of my reach
The half-giant peered at me through omniscient eyes
That froze my soul and stripped me of all disguise
Humbled, I stepped forward to close the gap between us
And a low voice asked me what I knew about the Devil and Jesus
Stifling a giggle, I filled him in on my storied past
How God had shamed me, how the Devil saved HIs best for last
I told him about all my misfortunes and gains
How I yearned for love and solace all the same
Rising from his corner, he took my face in his hands
Kissed me softly, then told me tales of better lands
I watched the fire flickering behind mesmerizing brown eyes
Heard stories of a man turned kind and ever so wise
I smiled, knowing I was meant to find his cave
As we wandered hand in hand to observe the waves
A giddy sun danced on the horizon afar
While the moon ended her shift, taking all of her stars
And we are smiling as we lay there on the shore
I’d set out to chase a dream and found so much more

-Kortney Marie

Random Playlist: A New Chapter

Okay, not really.  Change is hard, guys.  It can be good, but it’ll startle even the strongest individual if that person doesn’t enjoy being a chameleon.  Like many of you, I’m experiencing quite a bit of change in my life–from my apartment to my career, my relationship to school, etc.  How am I coping?  The answer’s obvious: I’m immersing myself in my writing (found here:  A Creative Accident), dancing and spinning as often as I can, and listening to a whole mess of good music.
So what’s on the new playlists?  Who am I digging on as of late?  See below.  (:
You really can’t go wrong with these guys.  Any album, any track, and you’re likely to be as enchanted as I was when I first heard “Balalaika.”
The xx
Another one in which you can’t exactly go wrong.  The Gorillaz did a stunning cover of “Crystalised.”  My favorite thing about this group is the duets which range from heart-wrenching to enlightening to deeply romantic.
Definitely not new to me, but more of a re-discovery.  Thom Yorke’s voice can put me at ease instantly.
I’ve reviewed Megalithic Symphony, and I raved about them at Voodoo in October.  Aaron Bruno is still picking up my spirits regularly.
The Glitch Mob
From helping me zen out to warming up while spinning, these guys are a cure-all for varying states of my mind.  And despite being classified as “electro,” their sound is very unique and chill, a mix of what I love about electronica, hip-hop inspired beats, and a clever use of MIDI and laptops.
Jason Mraz, “Butterfly”
We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. is an impeccable album, but this track in particular gets me giddy stupid happy.
Crystal Castles
Let’s talk about Alice Glass for a moment:  she’s a badass.  And one half of the duo that makes up this electro-noise pop-infused project.  When things get weird–or need to get weird–this is one of my go-to’s lately.
Ever wonder what became of any member of the Sneaker Pimps?  Well, you can find what Chris is up to here.  There hasn’t been a new release in a couple years now, but whether you’re feeling grumpy, depressed, plain moody, or even love-stricken, there’s something here for you.
I’m sure you’ve heard of them, but have you taken a full tour of Fashion Nugget recently?  Somehow, this one just gets better every time I hear it.
De/Vision, “Unputdownable”
Just gives me warm fuzzies.  That’s all I’ve really got to say on that.  (:
Them Crooked Vultures
Somehow, some of the coolest people I know have missed the memo on this one so I’m putting it out there.  Rock super-group that features Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, and John Paul Jones.  There’s only one album out, but it’s a good one.  I like it particularly for long road trips.
Don’t forget to support your favorite musicians by buying their music, going to their shows, and spreading word about them like wildfire!
“I feel so close to you right now
It’s a force field”

The Promise (2013)

Here in my mind
It’s all clouds and starlight
Softly spoken secrets in the air
Tangled limbs and gentle sighs
Breathless ease and warm everywhere
Here, there is neither judgment nor fear
And we have promised to never hold back
As we navigate an unbeaten path

-Kortney Marie

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