The Cave Beyond the Shore (2013)

The cave was lit by a large fire
And I knew I’d been led by desire
Leaving my ocean and escaping my beach
Hunting a dream once so far out of my reach
The half-giant peered at me through omniscient eyes
That froze my soul and stripped me of all disguise
Humbled, I stepped forward to close the gap between us
And a low voice asked me what I knew about the Devil and Jesus
Stifling a giggle, I filled him in on my storied past
How God had shamed me, how the Devil saved HIs best for last
I told him about all my misfortunes and gains
How I yearned for love and solace all the same
Rising from his corner, he took my face in his hands
Kissed me softly, then told me tales of better lands
I watched the fire flickering behind mesmerizing brown eyes
Heard stories of a man turned kind and ever so wise
I smiled, knowing I was meant to find his cave
As we wandered hand in hand to observe the waves
A giddy sun danced on the horizon afar
While the moon ended her shift, taking all of her stars
And we are smiling as we lay there on the shore
I’d set out to chase a dream and found so much more

-Kortney Marie


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