Deletion (2013)

All these memories…
With a click of a button, I can erase you,
everything we were, everything we hoped to be.
It feels…dark.
That’s really the only word I have for it.
Once so close,
now perfect strangers.
But it’s not the first time we’ve been here;
It’s just the first time I’ve actually wanted to forget you.

But I can’t do it the way you might—
without a blink to the digital ash that remains.
No, no,
I’m going to read over all of it
just one last time 
to recall the monster you accused me of being
every detail you decided wasn’t worth seeing.

And by the end, I’ll be done
with you
with “us” 
with the mess we made of trust
of lust 
of hope 
of love 
of family.

with no farewell attached.

-Kortney Marie


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