A Promise (June 2012)

This is my promise to myself:

I will never get so wrapped up in loving someone else that I forget to love myself.
I will never get so wrapped up in hating someone else that I forget to be compassionate to the rest of the world.
I will never get so far from my center that I need others to help guide me back.
(Not that my friends haven’t been amazing, just that I ought to have a stronger sense of self.)
I will never doubt myself again, not the way that I have.
…and I will never stop doing the things I love on behalf of someone who is threatened by them or on behalf of the negative half of my consciousness.
All good things stem from faith in oneself, and I’m going to try really hard to stop beating myself down.
There are enough naysayers in the world who do that for me.

-Kortney Marie


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