So Proud to Call You Mine

It’s a far more beautiful
special, magical, lovely
phenomenal thing
than you realize
Every touch
Every kiss
Every glance
Every moment
Leaves me completely floored
Winded, stunned, amazed
I don’t think I ever told you
That you are my world
And I light up a bit more
Each time you call me your girl

And we’re a tangled mess
Of limbs, blankets, pillows
Passion, love, pure joy
I find myself
Utterly lost
In your eyes, your voice
Your hands in my hair
Breath in my ear
Hand on my shoulder
…every time

And I freeze-frame
These half seconds in which our worlds collide
It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen
More perfect than my sweetest dreams

And I tell you this now so we never forget
I have been stronger, brighter, happier
Since the day we fell into each other’s eyes
…I grow to love you more every time you hold my gaze
Kiss my hand or say my name

-Kortney Marie


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