Doll Without a Name (2008)

This room reeks of poison, of a love quite unclean
Sounds like bloodshed, an ode the the obscene
In between the moon and your piercing eyes
I see that I am a captive in a brilliant disguise
I’ll dance because you tell me to do so
Lie down when you tell me, and you must know
That I am a willing slave though I break the rules
I incite punishment because I enjoy the abuse
And if you care for me at all, you will hurt me
Remind me that I am darling but quite dirty
We’ll take these morbid fascinations to an extreme
Because we know it is vital to this dream
And it’s a nightmare we love, a horror to most
It’s a fantasy for us, and a promise to uphold
With your hands on my throat, new bruises on my thighs
I’m gasping for air, and staring into your eyes
This is what we came here for, so let’s not wait
Defenses down, this is our show, a sick charade
An evening devoid of any and all sense of shame
And for a time, I am nothing more
Than an enslaved lover behind closed doors
A wretched sinner bound to your bed-frame
I am a girl bearing your mark, a doll without a name
-Kortney Marie

Poison (November 2008)

Split me open so that the world can see what has been missing
And we can know your heart’s wasted on the lips you’ve been kissing
You’ll start running away, and I won’t bother chasing you down
Because I have no heart, and my morals are nowhere to be found
We were fun, but we were cheap like boxed wine and plastic glasses
Eyes wide shut, we are blinded by the moon as a fragile moment passes
Our love lies slain across a mountain of my regrets and shame
It sprang out of the mole hill I made when you forgot my name
I never let it go, and I only drove you across the borders of your sanity
I never noticed because I was trapped in my coffin full of vanity
But when I asked you to leave, you begged me to let you stay
Though I’m never a burden, I’m always in your way
-Kortney Marie

Inner Demon

Relentlessly, criticism clamors around in my mind
My hair, my weight, my skin, my thighs
All too happy to over analyze
The flaws that never catch his eye
But I must delight in picking myself apart
Because I have turned it into a wicked art
Self-destruction, she always knows the way
To get between what I think and what I say
And it’s so sad because I know better by now
I just never learned how
How to silence the wreckage in my head
Or drown it out with joy instead

-Kortney Marie

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