Poison (November 2008)

Split me open so that the world can see what has been missing
And we can know your heart’s wasted on the lips you’ve been kissing
You’ll start running away, and I won’t bother chasing you down
Because I have no heart, and my morals are nowhere to be found
We were fun, but we were cheap like boxed wine and plastic glasses
Eyes wide shut, we are blinded by the moon as a fragile moment passes
Our love lies slain across a mountain of my regrets and shame
It sprang out of the mole hill I made when you forgot my name
I never let it go, and I only drove you across the borders of your sanity
I never noticed because I was trapped in my coffin full of vanity
But when I asked you to leave, you begged me to let you stay
Though I’m never a burden, I’m always in your way
-Kortney Marie

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