"Deep Cuts" (The Knife)

I had plans today.  I did.  Then I decided to stay in, clean house, and listen to music.
I’ve recently reacquainted myself with The Knife, particularly Deep Cuts.  Another one of my beloved European electro duos, specifically of the Swedish variety.  The first song I heard off this album was “Pass This On.”  I love the unique sound of Karin Dreijer Andersson’s voice in any capacity, but I feel like “Pass This On” captures an allure unique among the other tracks on the album.  Like most albums I adore, this one contains great lyrics and excellent beats.  Making for some good, mellow dance times on this lazy Sunday.  Listen for excellent backing vocals from Jenny Wilson on “You Take My Breath Away,” too.  It’s a real treat.  “Got 2 Let U” reminds me of bad decisions on a really good night.  The fun kind!  (:
It should be noted that beyond The Knife, Andersson and Olof Dreijer (the other half of the duo) also run their own record company, Rabid Records.  Andersson has released some work under the project name Fever Ray.  Impressive stuff.

Responsibility…Like that mau5 guy said.

Funny…I was so unsure what I’d have to write about when I stumbled out of bed, especially after skipping the Faderhead show in favor of time with friends. (Well worth it, in my opinion, just in case you were wondering.) Imagine my shock, awe, and irritation when I read about Madonna’s hipster shout-out at Ultra. It’s not a review, but it’s a train of thought related to music. And it’s something I feel rather strongly about.
OMFG, What’s Ultra???
The Ultra Music Festival is an electronic music festival held in Miami, FL every March. This year, the line-up included Tiesto, Pretty Lights, Skrillex, Neon India, Avicii, Justice, Fatboy Slim, Flux Pavilion, Armin Van Buuren, Bassnectar, and many, many others. It spanned three days, starting Friday the 23rd to Sunday the 25th.
So…What’s Madonna got to do with it?
As she built up to introducing Avicii, Madonna asks the crowd, “Has anyone seen Molly?” Molly is a slang term for MDMA, the active ingredient in the drug ecstasy. I’m not sure if the woman was trying to look hip, actually looking for some for herself, or what. Either way: NOT COOL, Madonna. Not even close.
Peeps is just havin’ a good time, K. What’s the big deal?
The big deal is…well, there are multiple points.
1. Advocating recreational drug use…Regardless of the generation, if your face has been on a magazine, on the television, and all over pop culture as an ICON, you have a fan-base above and beyond the 18+ crowd, and they’re watching EVERYTHING you do.
2. Electronic music and its events are not just catering to those who show up inebriated or find that state of mind during. There are a whole slew of “straight-edge” kiddos and adults who don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t pop pills, etc and never will. These are the people who show up for the music and the music only. I’ve been to my fair share of events in varying stages of sobriety and inebriation, but that’s neither here nor there. When I did decide to walk on the wild side, I made sure I wasn’t making a terrible impression on the youth of today. I am not even a performer at this point in my life, and I still understand that if you’re going to get stupid, you have to be responsible about it. Madonna’s 30 years older than I and has spent much more time in the public eye…If there’s anything even more offensive than the reference being thrown around in general, it’s seeing it thrown around at a massive event by an icon. The drugs, the alcohol…Some people have fun with them…but they are NOT the end-all, be-all to the scene. Period.
3. Anyone remember PLUR? Peace, love, unity, respect. While she wasn’t waging war, Madonna did a great disrespect to fans and creators of electronic music. Never mind the fact that she’s oh-so-famous. If you wanted to sell more copies of your new album (titled MDNA), you might have tried something other than verbally defecating on the people (and scene) you depend on to buy them.
So what’s the mau5 guy got to do with it?
Joel Zimmerman, better known as Deadmau5, is a Canadian house producer (and one of my favorites). On his Facebook, Twitter, and blog (read here: united we fail, Responsibility), he rages about the whole ordeal, while taking into account his own vices, his fan-base, and the most important thing: the MUSIC! I will not condemn or condone anyone else’s vices or bad habits…but I will say this:
If you are in the public eye, if you are by that standard a role-model, you have a responsibility to the youth of today. What you do in your free time is none of my business, but I will rip your face off for advocating it to our youth. If you’re pandering with drug references, maybe you need to re-evaluate the true status of your career. There are people working very hard to keep EDM around without that nonsense, and they don’t appreciate you dabbling in their space and leaving the place trashed.
Wow, K, you seem really upset.
You bet your ass I’m upset! Electronic music has been a part of my life for over a decade now. I remember when I first started listening…my parents were very concerned I’d fallen into a culture centered around drugs, and I’ve fought long and hard to make them see it’s not like that. Too many people have worked too hard to overcome the misconceptions about electronic music and its events…and Madonna flapping her gums about “Molly” may have done more damage than we’re prepared for. This is a genre that overcomes generation gaps of all varieties, offers inspiration to anyone willing to hear it, and encompasses all of the technological advances we’ve made in regard to entertainment. It can make you dance, cry, laugh, sing along, anything really…and because it is universal, because it does transcend barriers, I can see why Madonna would want to be a part of it. I can see why anyone would want to be a part of it because if your ears are open, there’s a place for you, and you’ll be met with many hugs. One little slip though…and it could all go kaboom.
And the reason I’m so bloody aggravated is because someone who’s been considered an icon didn’t THINK before she opened her mouth.
You may agree or disagree. You may have no opinion. But I implore you to THINK before you open your mouth…Your words can impact opinions and lives.
“don’t depend on those friends
who pretend to believe but ask why”

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