Hello, beloved readers.  (=
Real talk for a minute:  My monitor’s been on the fritz for weeks…which is making it difficult to get an adequate review posted. So, while I wait for the monitor to get replaced, have a list of random awesomeitude!
1.  Big Gigantic, “A Place Behind the Moon”
This is one that usually puts me to sleep easily or starts my day on a nice mellow note.  A variety of influences in there and it comes down to one thing:  DAMN GOOD.
2.  Anything by R√∂yksopp.
3.  Depeche Mode, “Remixes ’81-’11”
Some refreshing and new spins on some classics.
4.  Morgan Page‘s “The Longest Road” is phenomenal…I recommend the Downtempo Mix.
5.  One can never go wrong with some Daft Punk.  Never.
6.  Knife Party…I needed something hardcore to get through the move; these guys fit the bill nicely.
7.  Girl Talk, ’nuff said.  If you don’t know who Girl Talk is, here’s a free download of “All Day.”  This is another one that helps get me out the door…and it’s inspired many a dance party.
Obviously, this isn’t ALL that I’m listening to…but it’s a nice sample of how my days start.  ^_^  Still settling into the new place; if you have something you’d like to see reviewed here, let me know!
“we can do no great things, only small things with great love.”
-mother teresa

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