Breaking the Silence: Random Update

So…my laptop went ka-put and rests on a shelf indefinitely.  I was incredibly upset by it and didn’t have much of an opportunity to write.  I mean, there was always the chance to write by hand, but I typically cannot write as fast as I type, which means my thoughts run about eight-point-three words faster than my hands can go.

The silver lining?  I got a new tablet and keyboard as an early Christmas present.  My boyfriend wants me to write, and he’s ensured that I have the perfect set up to do so.  I think it’s safe to say he loves me.  (=

My next entry will be all about music, namely my favorite releases of the year and the playlist that has carried me through 2013.  I always admire the friends I have who find the time to take on such an endeavor every year, but I have never done it myself.  This has been a very special year for me, and as I merge new traditions with old ones, I want to make sure I start a few that are just for me.  The playlist will be just that.


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